About me

I am she who is hissy, smirky and just a little bit naughty. A thirty something wife of one and devoted mother of three beautiful, bright, strong, independent and individual girls. Yet I loathe the thought of being pigeonholed as a Mummy blogger. So I’m contrary too.

This blog has evolved from over ten years of Internet rants and ramblings, mostly related to the journey into parenthood following over two years of trying to conceive number one child, with an ectopic pregnancy, IVF/ICSI treatment and Graves’ Disease (a thyroid condition) along the way.  Then there’s the epilogue involving the very surprising and against the odds natural conception of our third gorgeous daughter.

After a prolonged hiatus I have resurrected this little corner of cyberspace, slinking back in from Farcebook to devote some time to writing more than fifty words per post and to topics wider ranging than motherhood- at least some of the time. Who knows what the future holds?

So strap yourself in and enjoy some hastily written and mostly ill informed commentary about anything and everything, coloured by my propensity for rapidly changing moods. Who knows, maybe I may actually engage and entertain you with my little tales, and hopefully I will develop some writing skills to boot. Provided I actually pay attention and put in some effort or something. Yay me.