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Impropriety thy name is hissychick

By hissychick | March 11, 2013

Monday mornings suck. Commuting sucks. Domestic drudgery sucks.

The mundane sucks.

And that is how the impure thoughts started sneaking in. Combined with the right mood music (not quite as gentle and romantic as you might think either) and I am off with the…well let’s just say I have a smirk on my face.

I am beginning to understand the cliche of the bored housewife with her Mills and Boon, however me being me it involves rampant sapiosexual fantasies. It’s more about the mind- and sharply intelligent humour- than it is about the physique for me. Although if you encapsulate super funny smart in a stereotypical fireman’s body you may never hear from me again.

Now I’ve gone all giggly shy school girl. I’m not even sure what I am trying to write about here. Suffice to say that I am likely to continue to escape into my head for a little while until I am distracted by the next mood swing.

Dirty, dirty mind. Writers of high quality literature- get on the case post haste.

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