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Overcoming inertia

By hissychick | September 24, 2010

Tell me……in an attempt to get back to blogging should I just force myself to do daily mini posts a la my Facebook updates or would it be better to attempt a massive update so that all those precious kidlet milestones aren’t lost?

How do you translate the endless to do lists into proper action before you are overwhelmed and at the mercy of anxious procrastination yet again? 

Is routine- not just for the kids- for yourself a good thing?  How do you make it work? What activities do you schedule?

If you want to start on changing your diet and exercise habits…where do you begin and how do you actually motivate yourself into moving beyond ideas into action?

If you know that breastfeeding and cosleeping are leaving you so stressed and sleep deprived that it is affecting your parenting to the point where you feel almost disconnected from it all and yet you can’t stomach weaning and controlled crying…what do you do?

Help please…….

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